Transports Européens

Transports Européens

LOGIKX SHIPPING se charge du pré ou post-transport dans l’Union Européenne :

  • ​Cabotage      maritime (Mer du Nord, Baltique)
  • Transport      fluvial (Benelux, Allemagne, Nord-Est France, Europe Centrale)
  • Transport      routier (tractions de conteneurs, camions complets, messagerie)

European transportation

LOGIKX SHIPPING cares for pre- and post-transportation within the European Union and Switzerland:

  • ​Coastal      transportation (North sea, English channel, Bay of Biscay, Baltic sea)
  • Barging      (Benelux, Germany, North East France, Switzerland, Central Europe)
  • Trucking      (containers, full trucks, parcel delivery)​